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Vinyl is one of the world’s largest output of chemical products, vinyl synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, synthetic plastic (polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride), basic chemical raw materials synthetic ethanol. Vinyl privacy fence inexpensive, and easy to installn.

Best Vinyl Privacy Fence Performance:

1 vinyl privacy fence wear resistance ranks first in plastic, and the higher the molecular weight, the material, the higher the wear resistance and impact resistance;
2 vinyl privacy fence liner impact strength is the highest value of the existing plastic, even at -70 ℃ still has a very high impact strength;
3 non-sticking; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate zero water absorption, surface smooth, non-stick material.
4, vinyl privacy fence low water absorption. Therefore, its physical and mechanical properties and working conditions of humidity factors unrelated;
5 vinyl privacy fence is chemically stable,

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