DIY Lawn Fertilizer – Replacing TruGreen for my yard.

I’ve used Tru-Green lawn service for several years because my DIY attempts were not working well enough.
TruGreen has done a very good job with my yard. Both weed control and fertilization have been great.
However, I’m a DIY kind of guy, frustrated that I couldn’t do as well as the professionals.

So, this year, after some winter research, I’ve decided to take on this project again.

This video shows the chemicals I purchased, as well as showing the John Deere 1025R and Rural King Sprayer to apply the first treatment.

More information and links to the recommended chemicals:

Deere parts @; coupon code TTWT for a large discount.

Visit for more details about our tractor and projects

Tri-Mec, Barricade, Liquid Nitrogen

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