How to design a lawn sprinkler system

Tutorial for designing a lawn sprinkler system.

In this video I go through the steps of designing a lawn sprinkler system. All that’s needed are a pressure gauge, some graph paper, and a little knowledge about the water system at your home. Design techniques of determining flow, friction loss, pipe size, and gallons per minute are covered in the video. Head placement, head type, and valve placement are also discussed.

This video covers the most common type of sprinkler system design, a home that has a culinary water supply with a water meter. Other types of sprinkler systems with a secondary/irrigation water source or with a well pump are not covered here, because those systems normally have a pump, jet tanks, and water filtering involved.

If you would like to download the sprinkler plot plan and sprinkler materials list in PDF format for this sprinkler design, you can click this link:

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