How To Design A Patio Or Walkway

Installing a patio or walkway requires more than just digging a hole and installing the pavers. Taking the time to design and lay out your walk way can make all the difference. Before you start you need to do some planning. There are some key points that you need to consider such as the size and location of your patio, what type of pavers or stone you will use and how will you lay your pavers. Think about how you will use it. To entertain? A Barbeque Area? A place to relax?

Installing a patio or walkway allows you to be a little creative whether you want to have natural stone, cut stone or brick stone and you can customize your design how you like it. The easiest designs for your pavers are jack on jack or basket weave, which require little cutting. More advanced designs include Pinwheel, 90 degree herringbone and 45 degree herring bone. When choosing a design, choose one that goes well with your home such as the complexity of the design or the color of the pavers.

As you begin to

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