Paver Patio Installation – Fast motion

A fast motion video of installing a paver patio.. see the fight at 7 minutes. Father and son team, with the mother helping out at the end. This was a culmination of a few days work. Give me a “THUMBS UP” if you like it. That will encourage me and let me know you liked it! Link to the finished patio


Rough costs:
about 250 sq ft.
pavers – 480 at 1.24 ea = 600.00
sand about 150.00
rent vib compactor
3 seperate times 230.00

Home depot del charge 75.00
crushed rock 8 yds deliver’d 300.00
edging to hold pavers 75.00

Total about $1430.00

free child labor = he dug it out by hand, a friend came and took all the dirt away as he needed fill dirt. We dug too deep really, so cost more in rock to fill, but I wanted to be sure of foundation.

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